Mutemath the band and controller, also the band

Mutemath vs Controller

Ladies and gents, it’s the last in the current series of the New Music Podcast. But there’s no reason to bawl (or, indeed, jump for joy). Because we’ve got two new artists for you, as always. This week, Mutemath battle Controller…

Vynce the band and Fairchild the band

Vynce vs Fairchild

It’s the penultimate New Music Podcast of the series! But don’t be sad – here are two new tracks to cheers you up. This week, we play the track Lust by Vynce and Breathless by Fairchild. Have a listen, then decide on the winner…

Clone of Clones and Rare Monk (the band)

Clone of Clones vs Rare Monk

Series 2 of the New Music Podcast continues… and this week, it’s covers week. Do you want to hear a Modest Mouse cover? What about a Bill Withers cover? And discover two new indie artists? What? You Do? Well then, dig in!

We Are Magnetic vs DIET.

Good day to you, new music lover! Here is some new music for you. Co-incidence? We think not! This week, we introduce the We Are Magnetic and DIET., who, confusingly, have a full stop after their name…

Shura artist & Sundara Karma the band

Shura vs Sundara Karma

Well hello! You look lovely today. Is that a new top? Either way, it works. As does this episode of the New Music Podcast. This week, we introduce the indietronica artist Shura and indie rockers Sundara Karma. Have a listen…

Kate Boy vs Pr0files on the New Music Podcast

Kate Boy vs Pr0files

It’s a brand new series of the New Music Podcast – just in time for Summer. In series 2, we’ll be introducing you to more indie, electro and indietronica acts, and we kick things off with tracks from Kate Boy and Pr0files…


Rationale vs Haus

In the last in the current series of the New Music Podcast, we play a new wave track from Rationale and an indie pop number from underground London outfit Haus. Have a listen then upvote your preference…

Pale Hands v Monarchy featured

Pale Hands vs Monarchy

It’s episode 5 of the Bristol Beats Club’s new music podcast. This week, in probably our strongest ever line-up, we play Pale Hands and Monarchy. And, of course, you vote for your favourite…

Oh Wonder vs MIYNT ft

Oh Wonder vs MIYNT

It’s episode 4 of 6 of the Bristol Beats Club’s new music podcast. This week, we’re introducing Oh Wonder (indie pop) and MIYNT (dark indie). Sound like your thing? Good. Click here and get listening right this second.