About the Bristol Beats Club

The Bristol Beats Club is a series of new music podcasts maintained by two haphazard young gentlemen that go by the names of Damian, Chris, and a whole host of other things.

Damian is actually rather clever. He’s currently doing a PhD in complexity sciences at Bristol Uni.

Chris is not as clever, but is better looking. He works as a copywriter (check it out) and fights crime like Batman.

Together, Chris and Damian record new music podcasts at sporadic intervals – think cutting edge and classic indie and electro music interspersed with idle chit-chat and arbitrary artist interviews.

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Then have a listen and see for yourself. And on a final note:

Your participation in the podcasts is much encouraged. We’d like you to get involved. So please, join the club by sending us some music. Or letting us know who you’d like us to feature. Or, just hitting us up to say hello. We make the podcasts, but you dictate the content.