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Indie. Electro. Indietronica.

Greetings, curious website visitor! Welcome to the Bristol Beats Club: a series of new music podcasts focusing on the spiffing genres of indie, electro and indietronica.

If you like music and you like new stuff and you like indie or electro or indietronica and you can tolerate amateur presentation skills and you often find yourself bored or with little to do and you’re willing to join in then you might like the Bristol Beats Club.

Want to double check?

Then go ahead and listen to a recent podcast. Expect idle chit-chat interspersed with cutting edge and classic indie, electro and indietronica. Check it out. And let us know your thoughts (or let us know which artists you’d like included in a new podcast) via

Mutemath the band and controller, also the band

Mutemath vs Controller

Ladies and gents, it’s the last in the current series of the New Music Podcast. But there’s no reason to bawl (or, indeed, jump for joy). Because we’ve got two new artists for you, as always. This week, Mutemath battle Controller…

Vynce the band and Fairchild the band

Vynce vs Fairchild

It’s the penultimate New Music Podcast of the series! But don’t be sad – here are two new tracks to cheers you up. This week, we play the track Lust by Vynce and Breathless by Fairchild. Have a listen, then decide on the winner…


Indie, Electro & Indietronica. That is our remit.

Interviews (still podcasts)

Back in the day, when we were just young lads, we used to interview up and coming artists. Here are three such artists, who all upped and came.