Catfish and the Bottlemen

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Lead singer Van McCann talks selling exorcisms, getting naked and what new track ‘Kathleen’ means to him 

On a quiet Tuesday night in February, Catfish & the Bottlemen sit backstage at Bristol’s Louisiana, preparing to set the live music venue alight with their very own brand of infectious guitar-based indie rock n roll.

The Bristol Beats Club arrive hastily – a little late – and squeeze their way through an unguarded back entrance outside. As the band make their last minute preparations, we appear unannounced and manage to grab a quick five minutes with lead singer Van McCann.

Being the genius he is, he chats to us about:

  • Where the name ‘Catfish & the Bottlemen’ originally came from
  • Sell out gigs & headline tours
  • The differences between scousers & Londoners
  • The best place to get a curry anywhere in the UK
  • The perils of walking round Bristol’s harbourside
  • How to sell an exorcism (and, for that matter, a baptism)
  • The meaning behind the band’s new track, ‘Kathleen’
  • Getting naked for the fans

and how much the band appreciate everyone that comes to see them. Check the full interview out above, we made it just for you.

Bristol Beats Xx

PS: Fancy seeing the band live? Tickets aren’t cheap, but we assure you they’re worth it.

Image: Alex Tinder