New music podcasts (interspersed with comment)

Congratulations Beats Clubber, for you have navigated to the most prolific place on this website – and perhaps even the entire internet.*

What you have before you are the Bristol Beats Club new music podcasts. To clarify, said podcasts revolve around cutting edge and classic indie, electro and indietronica music interspersed with idle chit-chat and the odd arbitrary interview – so if that’s your thing, dig in.

Each podcast is different (obviously), but featured artists might include the likes of Bloc Party, Crystal Castles and alt-j. Plus, you’ll get new tunes from up-and-coming indietronica artists such as Pale Hands, Fickle Friends and Vallis Alps… and such knowledge will help you look cool in front of hipsters.

The interviews? Well, they’ll be with the likes of Catfish & the Bottlemen and Half Moon Run, London Grammar and Fenech-Soler. And, of course, we’ll throw in the odd up-and-coming-artist interview, too.

So what are you waiting for? Listen. Then, subscribe via iTunes.

(Oh, one quick note: we don’t always have the rights to play tracks in their entirety, so if you wanna hear all the new music, you’ll need to put in a bit of your own legwork. And by that we mean searching Google for a featured artist and clicking play. Which you should really be able to manage.)

*Not true. Obviously that's Google.
Mutemath the band and controller, also the band

Mutemath vs Controller

Ladies and gents, it’s the last in the current series of the New Music Podcast. But there’s no reason to bawl (or, indeed, jump for joy). Because we’ve got two new artists for you, as always. This week, Mutemath battle Controller…

Vynce the band and Fairchild the band

Vynce vs Fairchild

It’s the penultimate New Music Podcast of the series! But don’t be sad – here are two new tracks to cheers you up. This week, we play the track Lust by Vynce and Breathless by Fairchild. Have a listen, then decide on the winner…

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