Half Moon Run - Interview
Fancy an exclusive interview with Half Moon Run? Well what the bloody hell are you waiting for?! Hit play below and get listening!


The interview was recorded just a few hours before indie-folk band Half Moon Run played Bristol’s Anson Rooms in the closing stages of their gargantuan 2014 world tour.

In our Half Moon Run interview, Conner Molander gave us an insight into

  • How the band met
  • How they developed their music
  • Some of the less glamorous stuff the band did before they became musicians
  • Why lead singer Devon Portielje had a cracked rib when he played in Bristol
  • What’s on the band’s rider (and whether or not the Anson Rooms met the mark)
  • How they’ve managed to miss Christmas… twice in two years

Plus, we reveal how the Bristol Beats Club ended up with three signed copies of band’s debut album Dark Eyes.

So have a listen, won’t you? We made the podcast for you especially.

Bristol Beats Xx

PS: Fancy seeing Half Moon Run Live? Tickets for upcoming shows are actually still relatively affordable. You can get em here (assuming they’re still available).

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